Website Strategy Beats Design Always

Often, people are really excited about their business. They always rush to hire a web designer. They will always bring out their ambition for the best website and wait for the big time to see. Several times, people got it all wrong after investing on their website. The reality that you got it all wrong comes when you have already wasted a lot of dollars. People will begin scratching their heads and wonder a lot about where it went wrong. The simple thing that would have been done nicely now becomes a nightmare.

This happens when there is no map to follow. Everything becomes totally unfamiliar until the whole thing is lost. Just like traveling, you will keep guessing roads if you don't know the destination till you may lose altogether. Website development is like that and you will need to have a solid plan in place. There is a big difference between hiring a full- service marketing firm and hiring a solo website developer. With a marketing firm, you will be assisted on the proper due diligence and analysis required to ensure that the website designed for you is worth the time and money. There are a lot of things that you need to sit down and think of. These are all planning that will help you a lot. More info

You will have to define your target clients before you start the designing process. Clients are the most important part of your business. If you got it wrong with this, high chances are, your business is a failure. The more precise you are on who your target is, the more you will know how to speak to them to use your website. You should try to define who they are, their biggest gains, their values, goals, personalities and whether they are men or women. This clarity will help you focus more on to address their needs.

You should also be clear on the website function. The layout of any website often depends on the business goals.  Define the goals of your website, if it is going to be an online store, whether you want to build a list and online community and whether or not you will be selling the services. Also, you should ask yourself if the website is going to be an online brochure. This will guide you if you need a landing page, email list management software, any other special features, online booking tools etc. Click create sitemap

You should create a brand standard guide before sending any colors to your designer. The brand should have colors, fonts and style of the overall business brand. Read more from